Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
The Faculty of Enterprise and Law Welcomes with a 2017 New Year

Dear colleagues, expensive students, university community!

Sincerely welcome you with coming New Year and Christmas dominical!

Traditionally at this time we line the results of year that passes. Therefore looking back, we can say with a confidence that the last year we lived not for nothing. Only due to joint efforts, solidarity and labour we support our Alma Mater and arrive at through sloes to the stars.

On the eve of New Year and Christmas dominical with all heart wish to all always to look ahead with a hope, back - with thanks, upwards - with a faith, and around - with love. Let these long-awaited holidays - announcers of updating, dreams and hopes - bring to you and to your family of celebrity, good, gladness, consent. Let Saint Night bring Goodness benediction, world and calmness, and a coming year will become the year of generous achievements, considerable successes and victories for the good of bloom of faculty and university.

With a 2017 New Year, expensive university family!





все о строительстве, ремонте и обустройстве