Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Faculty of Business and Law
About the faculty
BEZUS Pavlo Ivanovich

PhD, Dean of Faculty of Business and Law

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Faculty of Economics and Business
2, Nemirovicha-Danchenko St.
Kyiv 01011
Faculty Office: 4-1409

Phone number: +38044-280-10-80


Mission: Creating the conditions for the growth of professional, creative-minded staff with a high level of business, law, personal culture, capable of responding to the realities and needs of the time.

Educational-Scientific Complex of Military Training
Faculty Administration

Deputy Dean
Antonina VERHUN
Tel: +38 044-280-10-80
Deputy Dean
Tel: +38 044-280-10-80
Tel: +38 044-280-10-80

Study Programmes
  • Specialty "Business, trade and exchange activity": educational qualification of Bachelor; 4 year training full-time and part-time training;
  • Specialty 081 "Law" EQL bachelor; 4 year training full-time and part-time study.

The activities of the legal clinic "GENESIS LEX» includes:

- organization and conduct of members of the legal clinic" GENESIS LEX» special classes, seminars, workshops, individual and group, with a view to developing practical skills in the application of laws; 

- organization of public reception, in which students under the guidance of teachers-the curators receive citizens on legal questions and provide them with the necessary legal services; 

- research the effectiveness of active learning methods used in legal clinics; 

- development of cooperation with similar organizations both in Ukraine and abroad; 

- carrying out of researches among the visitors of the clinic, questionnaire on various legal issues that directly relate to the practice of legal clinics; 

- cooperation of students with students based on secondary schools of the city (legal trainings, lectures, round tables, etc.).

Admission students-consultants carried out during the school semester on tuesday and wednesday (except holidays and weekends) from 14.00 h till 16.00 h in the public reception of the legal clinic at: 01011 Kyiv, str. Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 2, building 4, Office No. 4-1107, phone public reception of the legal clinic: + 38044-256-21-44; + 38044-280-10-80

For more detailed acquaintance with the work of the legal clinic invite you to visit the website:


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