Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Culture and Arts Center

As part of our University there is the Culture and Arts Center, in which the students have the opportunity to refine themselves aesthetically and to reveal their talents in various genres:

-          in vocality (in a folk vocal group «SMILE» directed by a laureate of International competitions Maryna Kerusenko, and in a folk song studio «Chervona kalyna» directed by a laureate of International competitions Tetiana Kysliak);

-          in choreography (in a folk dancing group «BUM» directed by Tetiana Baranova, and in a school of  ballroom dancing «Train to dance beautifully» directed by an honoured worker of culture of Ukraine Oleh Kasianov);

-          in theatrical art (in a theater school directed by a film and theater actor, a film director Oleksandr Bilery)

-          in genre of music (in an ethnic jazz music studio directed by an eccentric musician, a laureate of International competitions Mykhailo Tverdyi).

During the year a great deal of cultural and art events, festivals, competitions, meet the artist events with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign students are hold.

There is a traditional concert for the first year students «Zolota osin», the art events for the International Students Day, the New Year’s concerts and exhibitions for children, the charity events, the reports of performance ensembles, the Faculties Days, a traditional meeting of the old students of all generations, the literary competitions, an annual competition of young fashion designers « Pecherski kashtany», a competition of one image «Suziria “Kashtan”».

Every year creative teams perform their art works at the local and All-Ukrainian art festivals, reviews, and at the international festivals in European countries, the People’s Republic of China, North Korea.

Our University has friendly relations with prominent groups of Ukraine – with the world-class stars of performing art, and invites them to put on a concert, where the foreign students are always present. Among the groups are:

-          the National Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir named after Grygorii Vierovka;

-          the National Academic Folk Instruments Orchestra of Ukraine;

-          the National Bandura Players Chapel of Ukraine named after Heorhii Maiboroda. 

Every year a song festival involving the prominent masters of Ukraine is hold, where the songs to words of the People’s artist of Ukraine Vadym Krishchenko, who works at our University, are performed.

The participants of the amateur-talent groups have the opportunity to realize their potential, talents, originality and individuality, and the highly-qualified specialists and experts always help them.

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